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Limitless Mind

While this book does talk a lot about how a growth mindset impacts our math learning, there is a broader focus on how our mindset impacts our brain’s growth in all aspects of our lives, not just Math. I’m loving thinking about and working out how to make changes so my life can be limitless after the end of my marriage.

Rising Strong

I started listening to Brene Brown’s work on audio books after my miscarriage and again as my marriage fell apart. Rising Strong was the book I couldn’t listen to until he left, because it was the “hard work one.” When he left, I knew I needed it and listened to it on repeat in my headphones on my walks with Moose. I would walk and wail in the -10 degree temps, tears streaming – then quickly freezing – down my face. I used to make myself laugh thinking of the neighbors who would hear my cries and think the woods were haunted! Anyway, this book saved me.

Runaway Husbands

I know it’s a bit of a gender stereotype, as I certainly know men with runaway wives, but this book and the facebook group by the same name, have actually been really helpful and comforting. My friend Karine is the google queen and googles everything. She found an article about the author of this book and couldn’t believe the similarities to my situation, all down to the stupid excuses, (like I wasn’t spontaneous enough), and the lack of warning. Anyway, the book helped me remember I wasn’t crazy and the women online have been supportive along the way.

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