Turning the Big 4-0!

Today is my birthday and I am officially in my forties! I have to say, I am so excited to enter this next chapter in my life.

For one, I can’t tell you the number of women who have told me that their 40’s were amazing. It was the decade when they finally felt confident in who they were, what they knew, and what they wanted. It was the decade of knowing their worth and, goodness knows, that is what I need right now!

I also have thought back on my thirties and see them as pretty tumultuous. That decade started with me getting married, moving to Alaska, living in a dry cabin for six years, getting my teaching certification, buying a house, having a miscarriage, losing two beloved pets, overcoming abandonment, selling my house, and moving back to NH.

I want my forties to be about my health. I want my forties to be about pursuing my writing goals. I want my 40’s to be about living fully and openly and with some vulnerability.

Goodbye to my 30’s. I’m so excited to put the last decade behind me and run full steam ahead into the next.

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