Weekend Retreat

Last weekend, two of my dear friends from Alaska arrived in NH, after flying across the country, they boarded a bus in Boston, sat in horrible commuter traffic, and finally arrived in NH late at night.

They came for a teaching conference in Maine. But having them visit, in my house, and being able to take them to all the special places I love in my new old home town, was soul filling. I really needed it.

Since I moved into my new home, aside from move-in weekend, I haven’t had many visitors. My parents have come over a couple of times. But mostly it’s just me and Rosie. Having friends in my house made me really happy. A home should have people in it!

We went shopping, we ate lobster, we did teacher conference things, and we went apple picking. We even went swimming! I continue to be so grateful for my friends. I miss them already.

Lobster on the lake!
Apple picking!

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  1. Oh my goodness!!!! This does my heart soooooo good to see and hear!!!! Yes!!! And great pics!!! The apple I had today, oh my ✨ stars!! Best apple I have EVER HAD!!! Yummy!! Love love love this!!!

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