Doing Things Alone

I am getting used to doing things alone, especially since moving back to NH. I have a couple of dear old friends here, but they all work and have busy lives. And though I’m at my folks house for now, they work and my days are just spent alone.

I think this is good for me, for the most part. I need to get to a place where I actually enjoy my own company. Living with my parents has definitely reinforced my need to have my own space, that’s for sure!

Anyway, I’ve been doing things alone. Hiking, writing. Today I went out to lunch by myself. I drove a few hours to buy a random wooden chair that I really liked and was a good price. And right now, I’m sitting in a bar, during karaoke hour, trying to write a children’s book. It’s not going well, hence the blog writing. But I’m here! And I’m alone! I’m even enjoying myself. That confidence thing I talked about before is kind of here with me. I mean, I’m sure people think I’m weird sitting here writing, but I don’t really care! In fact, the karaoke is fun. There have been a couple of really good singers, like this one guy that sounded like Elvis on the low notes. And there have been some that were a bit more ouchy to listen to. But everyone got up and sang and had fun. That’s pretty brave, if you ask me!

And I’m feeling brave being here alone.

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