The Questions

Before now, I’ve not been great at answering the questions. You know, “What brought you to Alaska?”. And, “Why did you move back?”. These are obviously get-to-know-you questions, from people who don’t know my story.

At first, I told my story. To complete strangers. Like, “My husband was a lying, cheating SOB. We moved to Alaska for his studies then he left me, so I moved back home”. It’s a bit of an over-share, but I couldn’t seem to help myself. I was never ready for the question and I was still so raw.

Today I started a little part time job with a catering company. I knew I would be getting questions as I met new people. So I came up with a plan. And sure enough, I got the questions. I’m proud of my answers!

Why’d you go to Alaska? – For adventure!

Why’d you come back? – To be close to family.

Done. No over sharing. Plus, it’s truthful.

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