My Cup Runneth Over

One very important thing that has come out of this mess is my realization of how truly amazing my group of friends are. I am beyond blessed to be surrounded here by some incredible women (and a couple of great men!) who have poured loving, healing energy into me. They haven’t asked for anything in return. They genuinely have just wanted to help in any way they could. They have helped, probably in more ways than they know. And I am beyond grateful. In fact, when I think about it, I get this feeling in my chest that just wants to burst and tears come to my eyes. I physically understand the saying, “My cup runneth over.” Mine does.

I’ve talked about this a lot with my therapist. I’ve talked about how amazing they all are. But also, how humbled I have been by their generosity. I’ve shared with her that I’m not sure I really understood what people need when they’re in grief or crisis, and what it looks like to give that to them. I always thought I had, but now I see what it really looks like. These amazing women have given me the gift of how to rally around someone who needs it. I’m so humbled by this.

Because of this, I wanted to do something to show my dear friends my gratitude. I know nothing really can, but I wanted to try. Somewhere, the idea came to me to organize a private yoga class for them as a gift of gratitude. A friend of mine is an amazingly gifted yoga instructor. So I reached out to her to see if she would be interested in doing this. She was honored to. Can we just pause for a moment to notice how amazing it is to be honored by something like this? I’m surrounded by such goodness.

So last Tuesday, 8 of my dear friends joined me for a wonderful, restorative 90 minute yoga class. It was so special. I continue to be moved to tears by the beauty of each woman in that room, and by the beauty of the friends who were not able to join us. And I’ve been able to carry that gratitude with me throughout the past couple of days.

My life doesn’t end with my marriage. There are remarkable people around me here in Alaska. There are remarkable people waiting for me back east. I’m going to be okay. Truly, my cup runneth over. It’s overwhelming in the most perfect way.

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