I Dreamed

A few nights ago my sweet kitty curled up in my belly at bedtime. She doesn’t usually sleep like that. It was so comforting. We fell asleep. Two hours later I awoke (this is how I sleep these days – in 2 hour intervals) with Rosie still curled up to me. And guess what?!?! I hadn’t woken from an X-leaving-me nightmare, but a regular dream! And not just any regular dream, I dreamed about puppies. Sweet fluffy Newfie puppies. When I realized this, my heart skipped a beat. It felt like such a gift to skip the trauma dream. But to dream of puppies – sigh. I’m going to choose to believe that it was a cosmic gift from my sweet Moose. He was always there to comfort me when I awoke from a nightmare. I miss him so. Here’s hoping for more nightmare-free sleeps and more puppy dreams!

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