The First Day of Spring

Happy spring! This week I’ve felt my own bit of rebirth. I’ve had some realizations that will help me move forward. The biggest revelation is that, while I miss my husband, I don’t feel as lonely as I did in the marriage. For a long time I felt like I was last on his priority list, if I was there at all. I felt disconnected from him. I felt like we were roommates not partners. I certainly shared these feelings with X. He always dismissed me. Then he left.

So, this week I realized, I do like spending time with myself. I feel confident in my own space. I can make choices for the health of my animals. I am starting to do training games with my dog to build a better relationship with him and improve his behavior out in the world. I want to go do things with him and explore with him. I’m genuinely starting to like myself in a way I haven’t felt for a long, long time. It makes me feel optimistic about the growth yet to come. Welcome, Spring!

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