It’s All In A Name

There’s a little story behind the long-ass name of my blog. Four years into our relationship, X and I got married. In fact, he graduated from college, we got married, and then we moved to Alaska, all in the same summer. Not only did we move to Alaska, but we moved into a dry cabin, which means we had no running water. It was adventurous, we were getting closer by the second, we were funny and odd. It was marvelous, really. I felt like moving away from family was going to be good for our marriage, because we would be able to shape it how we wanted. One day we were in our cabin, laughing about some strange thing we were doing, and we joked about being a fly on the wall of our life and how funny it would be to others. I suggested we start a blog!! We’d have funny sketch comics like The Oatmeal, but of real marital shenanigans! We could do it together!

But, as with many things in our marriage, it never happened. I had ideas, I shared, but he never really seemed to be in to it.

So I’m taking it back! I’m claiming the idea and writing about my divorce and sharing the day to day of this process for me. Unfortunately, there won’t be a lot of funny moments. It’s mostly sad and infuriating. But who knows, I’ll certainly be looking for the funny moments anywhere I can find them! I may even try my hand at a bad comic.

Here’s one from Cyanide and Happiness that is remarkably spot on…

Image result for divorce comic

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